Find Your Fans!

This free one-time live class aims to help you find the audience that will actually support your music and art. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021 12:00 PM PDT

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What you'll learn

  • The three qualities of a true fan - and how to attract them (with real strategies!)
  • Where to find the fans who are looking for you (without buying Facebook ads)
  • What to share online to build your relationship with your fans, without spinning your wheels forever
  • The one tip so important (and so vital to my success) I'll put it on my tombstone someday!

Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself.

Hey there! I'm Laser. 

I never intended to be a musician. It seemed like a lot of work doing things I didn't want to do—writing love songs, dieting, dancing, auditioning...

But in 2011, my sister and I started a YouTube channel to post silly songs about dinosaurs and board games, and I became obsessed with the way we could find and communicate with our new-found audience.

Ten years later, we've toured to Australia, Europe, (and the US many times), we've released 5 Billboard chart-topping albums, we have thousands of loyal fans, we've raised over half a million dollars in crowdfunding campaigns... and not a cent has gone to a manager, agent, or record label.

I'm unique... and so are you. Maybe that's not such a problem?  Sure, that makes it hard for me to find new fans with Facebook Ads, but those fans were never going to buy my albums anyway.

There are lots of excellent ways to find true fans who love you for who you actually are, and I'd love to show you how I've done it. Art is not one-size-fits-all. This is for you. 

Ready to find your true fans?

Stop knocking on doors, and start celebrating!

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