Can I Actually Get Real Fans On TikTok? Examples!

music advice Jan 29, 2021

I've found my clients are currently in one of two places with TikTok: It's a complete mystery to them that the young people seem to like (this was me two months ago), or it is the best thing ever and they spend a lot of time watching it (this is where I am now). TikTok is like any other social media platform in some ways: there are a whole bunch of subcultures and the experience is "what you make it." 

It's different, though. Because the format is optimized for quick viewing and infinite scrolling, you can spend pretty much forever on TikTok without noticing the time has past—or knowing the name of anyone whose videos you've enjoyed. 

The other fun thing that happens on TikTok is the way memes and trends happen. Folks use each other's "sounds," and lip sync over each other's voices or music to repeat trends - anything from outfit changes to makeup looks to opinions about anything. 

I recommend hopping into TikTok, but I hear what you're saying—will it be a waste of time? Is there any way to actually promote the stuff I'm making? The answer is—sort of—yes. TikTok is definitely not set up to super easily promote your creation, but there are some folks who have cracked it! Let's check them out!

I found Evan Diem through a comedy video he made. He's built up an audience for his funny songs, and promotes his original music album to that audience. 


I’ve been thinking about this solo for almost two years; I finally sat down & made it happen #guitarsolo #original #music #fyp #electricguitar

♬ original sound - Evan Diem

Gully Boys are great at combining TikTok trends along with playing their own music without it feeling like marketing! It's delightful! 


Trust the process, I swear it looks better in the end. #fyp #foryou #Hyperfixated #indierock #bandtiktok

♬ Neopet Graveyard - Gully Boys

Lisa Sedares provides a lot of value to others by making songs people can duet with! She also promotes her original musicals. She's rad! 


I think this is both ##alto & ##soprano friendly! Just sing in the comfortable octave for you! ##reflection ##mulan ##musical ##disney ##disneyprincess

♬ original sound - leeesuh

Grenon communicates directly with their fans by challenging them to make playlists. They're really fun! Get inspired!


#greenscreen SO MANY PLAYLISTS TO CHOOSE FROM SO MUCH CHAOS !!!!!!! #fyp #foryou #rating #ratingchallenge #CollegeGotMeLike #bandtiktok

♬ Rating - astuanta

So how do you get started making TikToks? Here are some video ideas you can try out!

Show your process:


It’s all about the draft sketches ✏️ ✨ #sketches #howdidthisbecomethis #todolist #stationeryshop #selfloveclub #smallbusinesscheck #smallbusinesslove

♬ original sound - Kira Kosarin

Bust misconceptions about your art with the "what people think I do/what I actually do" challenge


I gets Busy 💪🏾✂️👗😏 #NENETRIBE #smallbusiness #smallbusinesscheck #fashion #fashiondesigner #blacktiktok #falldiy #foryoupage #greenscreen

♬ When you dont get tagged by popular creators - kyoshi 🐉

This example isn't about creativity, but I feel like there's definitely a "creative process" adaptation of this "regrets" meme. 


I gross myself out 🙃🙃 anyone else feel this?! @_bellasweeney #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #relatable #viral #truth #facts

♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg - mthekyng


Happy TikTok-ing, friends!


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